Logo Use Guidelines

Logo updated, January 2020


Logo Use:

You are welcome to use our logo in the promotion of your Third Party Fundraiser, Food Drive or Awareness Campaign, but we ask you adhere to the following guidelines;

 1.1: Standard Logo

File is available in multiple formats depending on your design needs.

1.2: Spacing

There should be sufficient clear space around the logo.

1.3: Complimentary Colour Palette

Red: pantone: 1797 CMYK: 0 - 100 - 99 - 4 

Beige: pantone: 727 CMYK: 0 - 15 - 34 - 5 tint: 100% 

Beige 2: pantone: 727 CMYK: 0 - 10 - 22 - 3 tint: 65% 

Black: pantone black CMYK: 0 - 13 - 49 - 98

1.4 Maintain Integrity of the Community Care Brand

Please use the logo in a manner that does not damage its ability to clearly and consistently represent the charity.


Improper Logo Use

We ask that you please refrain from redrawing, reproducing or modifying the logo in any way.

 2.1: Never alter colour palette

Please do not alter the colours of the design.

2.2: Never alter or add elements to the Logo

Do not add graphics, insert words, or modify the design elements or the logo/design itself. Do not place other graphics or logos within the logo itself.

2.3: Never stretch or alter the proportions of the Logo

Do not change the proportions of the design or elements within. You may resize to suit your needs but must retain all proportions.


Files for download;

For questions about logo use or to request files please contact Rhiannon at specialevents@communitycarestca.ca.


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