Legacy Giving

One of the ways you can support Community Care is by making a Legacy Donation. We offer a number of ways for you to touch the lives of the children, individuals and families in need in our community.

Outright Gifts of Cash or Securities

An outright gift gives you the satisfaction of seeing your contribution at work immediately. You will see that lives are being immediately impacted, because you cared enough to make a difference. To learn more click HERE

Gifts of Life Insurance – Future Dollars… only Pennies a Day

Providing security for a growing family and support in times of unforeseen need are the reasons why most people buy life insurance. But life insurance can also be used as a creative financial tool to fund a gift cost-effectively. You can help ensure a brighter future for the women of our community and their families…with a gift funded by life insurance. To learn more click HERE

Estate Gifts – The Power of Your Will

Will Power – the power to use the assets accumulated over a lifetime of accomplishment to provide for your loved ones as you see fit, rather than as the government might determine. Moreover, you retain control to easily make revisions should your future circumstances change. 

Retirement Funds – For Saving…and for Giving

Use tax-deferred assets accumulated for your retirement to provide for a favoured charity, after you no longer require them. Convert an ‘end of life’ tax liability into a meaningful charitable gift. Moreover, retain control to easily make revisions should your future circumstances change. To learn more click HERE



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