Snacks n' Sneakers

Snacks n’ Sneakers program returns to Community Care to help students start classes on the right foot.

Community Care of St. Catharines & Thorold, in partnership with Canadian Tire Bank (CTB), are pleased to be able to offer our CTB’s Snacks ‘n Sneakers program again this year. Each child registered with Community Care, born between 2003-2016, is eligible to apply for the Snacks n’ Sneakers program and receive a backpack with school supplies, healthy snacks and a pair of brand-new sneakers. 

“It is important that students return to school with the supplies they need so that their first priority is to participate and learn in class,” says Betty-Lou Souter, CEO of Community Care of St. Catharines & Thorold. “Any parent or guardian to school aged kids knows how quickly the costs can add up when preparing for another school year. Children are expected to return to school with at least two pairs of shoes (one for indoors and their outside shoes), numerous supplies and added snacks that keep them going throughout the day. It can put a lot of pressure on families who are already struggling to get the basics covered. Our back to school program aims to help ease that burden and help families manage.”

We have adjusted how the program will take place and a new appointment system will be used to help maintain social distance during distribution. To apply for the program, Community Care asks parents/guardians to call their office at 905-685-1349 (St. Catharines) or 905-227-9240 (Thorold) to book your child(ren)’s appointment(s). All appointments will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so Community Care encourages interested parents/guardians to call today. Things to keep in mind:

  • Pick up dates will be August 20-21 & August 24-28

  • Please have your children’s current shoe size ready when you call. 

  • When you call, we will work with you to make sure your file is up to date. 

  • If you are not currently a client, you can still call our offices and we’ll discuss the steps to get you registered.

In these unprecedented times, we ask that you be patient as we get the new system in place.

We, like so many out there, have had to make significant changes to our program delivery model and the way donations are received. With the goal of reaching as many children as possible, we are hoping people will consider monetary donations to support the program. 

Your donation of $25 will help one child in our community return to school on the right foot, $50 will help two children, $100 will help four children. Every donation makes a difference. Donate today at or by calling our offices.


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