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Housing Help Centre| 129 Church Street, St. Catharines| 905.984.8955


In 2005 Community Care, St. Catharines & Thorold and Housing Help merged as one. The vital purpose of Housing Help is to provide information and service which focuses on enabling individuals or families who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, to obtain and maintain permanent housing which is available, (or potentially available), in the St. Catharines and Thorold community.


Housing Help of Community Care 

In 2013, 13,732 phone calls were received by Housing Help seeking assistance. Assitance ranged from housing issues to landlord/tenant concerns to the navigation of vital systems amongst other struggles and issues listed below...

  • those that are homeless
  • the underemployed
  • those with physical, mental, emotional and developmental disabilities some from birth
  • seniors on fixed incomes, living below the poverty line or alone
  • youth without families, family support or estranged from family
  • youth living with family discourse and breakdown
  • those experiencing economic hardships for the first time
  • the hardest to house
  • those in imminent risk of being homelessness (within 30 days)
  • those in need of Identification
  • those that need help filling out applications ex. Niagara Regional Housing or Ontario Disability
  • those looking for furnishings, seeking replacement beds and bedding due to bed bugs
  • an unexpected death, a devastating accident or illness
  • lack of work and/or education
  • living on social assistance-unable to get out of a hole

 how we respond... 

  • Housing Help assists with affordable housing, rental applications and documents, landlord disputes, emergency shelter, Regional trusteeships (including youth, 16-24), money management, utility assistance, Niagara for Access and Identification (NAID), access to the weekly Health Bus and referrals to other local applicable agencies/services.

  • The staff collectively, and with other agencies, strives to stabilize each case, in hopes of preventing evictions, preventing homelessness, preventing incarcerations, preventing misuse of costly community resources such as walk in clinics or community shelters, and preventing overuse of OW/ODSP program benefits such as Community Start Up monies and repetitive replacement client drug and dental cards.

  • Housing Help navigates the system to ensure each person is connected to the appropriate secondary or tertiary resource (mental health, substance use, acquired brain injury, developmental services).

  • Housing Help works directly with landlords and posts weekly housing lists.

  • A youth must remain in school to be eligible for the Youth Trusteeship Program. This ensures that they stay in school, with many youth completing their essential secondary education and the ability to go onto higher education and training, leading to better, secure employment.

  • As a result of this program, high risk youth are integrated back into the community and into the mainstream of society, equipped with the skills necessary for money management.

  • Their self esteem is improved, along with an actualization of what they can accomplish leading to independence and self sufficiency. In turn, they also become a positive influence and role model for their peers.

  • Housing Help works hand in hand with each individual coming through our doors, addressing their special needs and unique challenges.


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We thank our valuable Volunteers who make this weekly Housing List possible!

If you are a landlord, and would like to register a property, click here

local shelters 

Salvation Army 


YWCA King St. 

R.A.F.T Resource Association For Teens


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 Housing Help Centre 

129 Church Street, St. Catharines

By appointment only.

Community Care Thorold 

19 Albert St., Thorold

Tuesday September 9 - 1-3 pm


Hope Centre

179-181 East Main St. Welland

 Tuesday September 16 - 1-4 pm


Project Share

4129 Stanley Ave., Niagara Falls

 Wednesday  September 17  - 1-3 pm


Community Care West Niagara

4309 Central Ave., Beamsville

 Tuesday September  23 - 1-3 pm


Port Cares (ROFC)

61 Nickel St.  Port Colborne

Wednesday September 24 - 12-3 pm



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