Your support matters!

Community Care has never needed the community as much as we do right now. We see our numbers continue to escalate. In 2016 our statistics were up; funding streams are not as lucrative as they have been in the past and revenues did not match the increase in clients served.

For many having to reach out for assistance is a new and humbling experience. Most need a hand up for a short period of time. For others the journey will be longer through no fault of their own like illness, job loss or disability. Others have lost their way and simply need support to get back to the right path – but all strive for independence and self sufficiency.

Know that by contributing today you have impacted the lives of someone in our community struggling to make ends meet. You the individual who recognizes and values the work we do to mend lives, one individual and one family at a time. You the individual give us the ability to carry out the supports and services we deliver on a daily basis.

Thank you for choosing to make a difference.


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