Adopt a Family

Through the generosity of our community this invaluable opportunity affords our families the chance to be privately adopted by a family, group or business. Allowing them to enjoy the season of giving without stress or worry, knowing there will be food on the table and gifts for their children.

If you were a sponsor, or if you are considering being a sponsor…thank you this program cannot happen without you!

2018 Sponsorship Registration has now closed.

We have closed our Adopt a Family registration for the time being due to overwhelming support, which is an amazing problem to have! But we still have many other Christmas programs that have rolling registration that need support. Would you consider adopting a group of teens, seniors or angels (children under 12)? There are many clients who we work with that are older and single that we like to provide a bundle buggy of treats and comfort at Christmas. Or, in our teen program we ask for a backpack with other personal hygiene items and goodies, so those who have had siblings receive gifts through our toy drive don't get left out on Christmas day. And finally, our adopt an angel program is where we would provide you with children's gender and ages and you would shop for them.

If this isn't what you are looking for I can certainly put you on our waiting list to adopt a family. Let me know your thoughts or if I can answer any other questions you may have.

Rhiannon Fleming; or 905-685-1349 x235

If you would consider sponsoring a teen or senior or angel, please contact us today.


Things to know about the Adopt a Family program:

Cost: Though the amount does differ from sponsor to sponsor, we have put together this costing guide to help you decide what size family would be best suited to you.

Grocery Voucher
We ask that each family receive a grocery voucher so that they may experience the spirit of the season when shopping for the ingredients to make their own Christmas dinner. They won’t just be making dinner, they’ll be making memories. Shopping for their food allows our families to cater to any special dietary needs or allergies and provides them with independence that will enhance your generous gift.
$100 for a family of 2 or 3
$125 for a family of 4
$150 for a family of 5
$175 for a family of 6
$200 for a family of 7
When you are paired with a family, we will let you know which grocery store best suits their needs. Please do not send non-perishable food in place of vouchers.

Wish list
The child’s “Wish List” will be supplied to you for ideas and sizes. We ask our clients to provide us with their children’s “Big wish” (what they might ask Santa for) and then two smaller wishes or ideas of interests or hobbies. We work with our clients to make sure the big wish is attainable and let them know there is no guarantee of specifics.
Please expect to spend an average of $125 per child
We respectfully ask that you do not include USED toys or USED clothing.

Small parent gift and stocking stuffers.
All gifts are to arrive unwrapped for safety and security reasons, however providing holiday paper for parents to wrap the gifts is a wonderful addition!
We ask that ALL gifts come packed in containers with a lid, think “Rubbermaid” boxes, that can become part of their gift. This helps protect the items during drop off/pick up and keeps them together ensuring safe delivery to the family.

**Cost breakdown example: Family Size - 3, single parent and 2 children: Grocery voucher ($100), $125 per child ($250), small parent gift and stocking stuffers ($50-$75), wrapping paper and totes ($50).

Confidentiality: Adopted families names and addresses are confidential; however you may include a personal greeting card using your assigned sponsor number, or first names ONLY.

Drop off: A scheduled date (2nd week of December), time and drop off location will be provided once we have received all of your information and made an appropriate match. This can take time. We will be sure to contact you as soon as a match is made.

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